We have the power to make the world a better place for 

many unfortunate people simply by buying a patch. 

Rebel Circle

As a rebellious social enterprise,

we are here to make it easy for people to express themselves while building a better world. 

Our story 

Eighteen years ago after facing the harsh reality of injustice and corruption in the Mekong delta (Vietnam), a young boy made a promise to help the suppressed farmers, elders, and orphans at any cost. 

This promise gave birth to Rebel Circle and has evolved from helping people in a specific area, to helping as many people all over the world.

Start making the world a better place by joining us today in discord or by following us on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok.

The Playbook

We aren’t solely using our profit for donations or reinvestments, but to create an ecosystem for the underdogs. One in which they can inspire and guide others in finding their purpose.

We provide our tribe with various patches to simplify the process of expressing our feelings and beliefs.

 They’re all designed to create unity in the same art style, but each patch is unique and connected to a different social initiative.